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What is Amazing Love Sanctuary?


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Our Pastors

Rev. Samuel Lopez


Rev. Sam has been preaching since he was 15. His roots are in the evangelical, Pentecostal movement, but don't let that fool you. He is as progressive as can be. He recently left his lifetime denomination to start Amazing Love Sanctuary with Jessie.  He loves learning about, and experiencing, different ways to approach God. He, and his wife, have 2 grown daughters, and 2 amazing grandchildren.

Rev. Jessie Bhakti


Rev. Jessie Bhakti, (formerly Buchanan), is a trained Shaman, and a RYT 200 Yoga teacher. She has been a seeker since an early age, and has always loved exploring new ways to connect with Spirit.  She is a Reiki Master, and intuitive energy worker. She loves teaching others to connect into their own inner healer.  She has been accused of being gifted at making people feel like they are perfectly wonderful just the way they are. She lives in Arvada with her 3 amazing children, the worlds best dog, 4 pet rats, a tarantula, and 2 parakeets.

Is someone you know in need of prayer, and positive energy? Let us know who, why, and if applicable, where and when, and we will send them the love.
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