What is Amazing Love Sanctuary?

Amazing Love Sanctuary is an open, inclusive, interfaith, gathering of seekers in Arvada, Co. People of all paths are welcome to join us in exploring, and rejoicing in, the many amazing paths to the Divine.

Pastors Sam Lopez, and Jessie Buchanan want to create a space where your personal spiritual approach, (even if it’s non-existent), is integrated into the entire community’s journey in a way that encourages you to maintain, and embrace your own belief system, while together we also create something entirely new.

Our Declaration of Faith
We, as a faith community, believe that no human can fully know the true nature of God, but that we are simply given glimpses through a variety of lenses, via many different faith systems. We believe that knowing we are ignorant of God’s nature opens the doors to explore multiple ways to engage divine energy.

We disavow the illusion that we are all in any way separate. We approach all beings as equal divine entities. We acknowledge that all categorization that leads us to focus on how we are different come from human construct. While we are aware we cannot always avoid it, we strive to put focus on our sameness, rather than any ideological, cultural, or other, differences.

We are entirely, unequivocally, and unapologetically inclusive. ALL are welcome, honored, and loved at our table.

Our Mission is to live in love, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion for all. We will walk humbly, remembering we all come from the earth. We will walk confidently remembering we are all made of star stuff, divine at our very cores.

Our Creed

We love
We embrace
We grow
We are one